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Brand Voice

Located at the nexus of several of Washington’s most dynamic neighborhoods, The Morrow is the preeminent lifestyle hotel in Northeast D.C. for business, group and leisure travelers. Inspired by the hotel’s signature sense of optimism, The Morrow name looks to the future and the promise of a new day.


Tucked away on the 11th floor of The Morrow, Vesper is an intimate lounge where live music, inventive cocktails, grand hors d'oeuvres and caviar service set the tone. Named for an evening song and the eponymous cocktail, Vesper taps into the lyrical elegance of a jazz band performing at sunset and the transition of the space from day to night. 


Perched high above the hotel, Upstairs at The Morrow is an iconic name for D.C.’s most iconic rooftop bar. With over the top views, craft cocktails and light bites, Upstairs at the Morrow lifts Washingtonians’ spirits and represents the height of DC’s social scene.

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