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Brand Voice

Located in Midtown Atlanta, at the center of the city’s cultural, innovation, and arts scene, The Starling is an energized hotel that welcomes business and leisure guests, Atlanta locals, and group events. Named for a highly social group of birds found throughout nearby Piedmont Park, starlings are symbolic of the community of vibrant individuals who visit and stay at the hotel. The Starling names connects the property with the bold energy of these birds and the natural habitat of nearby Piedmont Park, while positioning the hotel as Midtown Atlanta’s star hospitality destination.

A flower known for its dazzling, brightly colored blooms, Lantana ties into the vibrancy of The Starling’s lobby lounge and its eye-catching design. The name speaks to the garden of experiences that guests and visitors can enjoy over cocktails and meals. Lantana also shares a playful similarity to the spelling of the word Atlanta.

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